How the Iceland Tours are Organised


These Iceland holidays have been specially designed for the first time visitors, journeying West, North, East and to the South of the island, Winter and Summertime. We stay in Farm House Hotels situated in some of the most beautiful areas of Iceland. This may be your only visit to Iceland, so the itinerary is brimming over with exciting visits each day but conducted in a leisurely manner.

Members often comment on my great enthusiasm and passion for Iceland, my Mother’s homeland. Since 1985 I have been organising and conducting these holidays, with 57% of people returning with me for another visit to this magical land of contrasts. In fact some members have returned 7 times with me. Recommendations and members returning are sufficient to keep the small number of tours every year successfully full.

The company is small, the emphasis for me is the personal service I provide for my members e.g.  teaming up single ladies who would like to share,  celebrating a member’s birthday whilst on holiday,  arranging dietary needs for members, reading snippets from the Saga’s and some famous Icelandic books.  

Care is taken in choosing your accommodation and food. You have absolutely nothing to think about, except maybe choosing a postcard. Each member receives a handmade pin brooch, specially made by my sister, who is a silversmith. It is important to provide you with the best holiday in Iceland you could ever experience, as this maybe your only visit but hopefully you will return, as the country has a very strong magnet to many people.

Iceland is the perfect country for those wanting to enjoy nature in beautiful and peaceful surroundings, with hardly a soul to share it with. The pure air and water is amazing and members say they feel younger and energised after their holiday.

NORTHERN LIGHTS IN WINTERTIME. At this time of the year, one experiences the magical light of Iceland during the day, culminating with the Aurora Borealis at night, the most wondrous displays of Mother Nature. The Winter ring tour takes us West, North, East and South, in fact both Winter and Summer tours circumnavigate this island of contrasts,  each day is full of surprises. We stay in farm hotels of high standard with excellent meals, all situated out in the dark countryside so we can easily see the Northern Lights. All the excursions are included in the price, eg snow tractor ride to the top of a snow covered mountain, ferry boat ride to an island for museum and lunch. Nature bath dip, in relaxing thermal waters, visits to country museums and old farms, waterfalls, hot springs, geysers, glacial lagoon with ice bergs, stranded ice floes on black lava sands, visits to all sorts of museums and much more!


During Iceland’s short summer, it becomes the land of the midnight sun, the weather can indeed very clement, sunshine and blue skies, in the purest air you will breathe. This is a wonderful time to visit Iceland, for the light, flowers and bird life. The holiday covers many interests such as, photography, ornithology, geology, botany and is a nature lover’s paradise in tranquil surroundings. The clarity of the air is great for photography.

Iceland boasts the largest waterfall and glacier in Europe and the largest hot spring area in the world. In fact the whole island contains stunning waterfalls, with raging rivers criss crossing the countryside, tranquil lakes abound, teaming with trout and salmon.

We are reminded of the tremendous force of nature, with lava fields stretching to the horizon, sleeping volcanoes, some active, with massive glaciers towering above us.  Every type of lava found on our planet can be found in Iceland, there are bubbling mud pools, beautiful mountains some deep purple and blueberry in colour. Giant basalt columns are found throughout the island. Iceland sits astride the continental rift system and is slowly being pulled apart, so it is physically growing every year and is the newest land on our Planet.

 The island is visited by huge flocks of birds arriving from Northern Europe to nest and feed, a paradise for ornithologists. Its native birds of prey are spectacular and the high cliffs are home for huge colonies of sea birds, including the endearing puffin.

 A surprise to the visitor is the variety of wild flowers and there are also over 400 types of lichen growing in the purest air found, as Iceland is not situated in the path of Europe’s pollution.

Like the rest of Scandinavia, it is a costly country, therefore the itinerary is always brimming over with as many interesting places we can possibly visit. A very comprehensive five page letter is sent to you before the holiday giving you information and advice about all aspects of the holiday, after 32 years of organising these holidays I know exactly what questions my members will ask. Well I hope this gives you some idea of my holidays in Iceland and how I organise them. I am certain that, should you decide to join a tour one day, it will be a most unforgettable experience! But be warned, the magical magnet of Iceland may well pull you back again  for another wonderful experience.

Quote from one tour member, “Jona, you have a unique slot in the travel market”.

 If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

All best wishes, Jóna        UK mobile:- 07756941599